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Tower House

This garden was redesigned after a new housing development along one side changed the aspect of the garden, making it necessary to rethink its layout.

To mitigate the effects of the new development that overlooks one side, the garden was reconfigured to emphasise its inward looking, walled character. Existing mature fruit trees were augmented with more flowering and fruiting trees around the garden boundaries. The space is now centered on an octagonal reflective pond flanked with four cypresses. Along the southern boundary, where the new development overlooks the garden, a small orchard of fruit trees stand in a meadow planted with wildflowers and bulbs. As the trees mature, they will screen the garden and strengthen its enclosed character. A new timber framed building provides an open-sided shelter from which the meadow can be viewed. Spoil from the pond and new building has been used to create two vegetated mounds, which soften the visual impact of the building.