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Hackney meadow

The south side of Mabley Green in Hackney, bisected by an elevated highway, was an expanse of mown grass bordered by trees. Unused by local and with relatively low biodiversity, this part of the green had little to commend it to people or wildlife.
I worked with local resident Christopher King and the Mabley Green Users Group to transform the site into a community meadow. We turned an open area of mown grass into an annual meadow. Around the shaded margins of the green, woodland bulbs and wildlfowers have been established in the long grass. The annual meadow, along with the relaxed mowing regime, yielded immediate results in the number of bees, butterflies and birds evident in and around the Green.
Since then, the meadow has become a community focal point, with an active gardening club and regular activity days. Recent additions have included willow sculptures, and carved timber seats around the meadow.
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