Landscape architecture, garden design, planting design and management - Rowland Byass
Don Valley Park

A landscape design and management vision for a brownfield riverside site, incorporating two cooling towers as the focal points of an ecological business park and opening up the river Don as a publically accessible green corridor.

Straddling the elevated M1 motorway between Sheffield and Rotherham this vast brownfield site was formerly home to a coal-fired power station and steelworks. Since the demolition of most of the industrial buildings, a unique postindustrial ecology has sprung up on the former coal bunkers, rail lines and concrete foundations, with areas of scrub, birch woodland and grassland.

The landscape masterplan creates a new role for the site, generating employment, and at the same time preserving the unique grandeur and sense of place created by the cooling towers looming out of birch woodland. Avenues of trees, and formal water bodies, including a broad canal centered on the towers, structure the site. The water bodies, wetlands, woods and meadows preserve the habitat value of the site, provide a landscape setting for new logistics, light industrial and office units and provide flood storage and detention capacity, preventing flooding of the built-on parts of the site. The north and south sides of the River Don are reunited with a new footbridge and network of paths threading through riverside woodland.